How to Establish Effective Cellular Service on Ski Runs

High Quality Cellular Coverage is an Integral Part of Ski Runs. Providing it Can Be Difficult Without the Right Radio Access Solution!

Today's skiers go nowhere without their smartphones and they are always on line and will always prefer a place that has top notch voice & data coverage so they can share real time pictures and video on the net.

Providing this service is easier said than done. Ski runs are naturally placed in difficult mountainous terrain. In many cases, the operator is prohibited from placing a BTS in the optimal position due to environmental considerations or landlord restrictions. Add to this the usual surrounding forests and generally wet conditions and you have a cellular RAN planners' nightmare.

In this report, the local RAN DT team has shown how by just switching between a panel antenna to a very high gain VEGA antenna the whole Ski Run can be covered very well from an existing tower located quite distant from the active Ski Site.

Complete info on very narrow beam very high gain VEGA antennas at