long range cellular coverage antennas for highway
& Freeway cellular coverage

Unlike other BTS antenna types, VEGA antennas offer very high gain (up to +29 dBi) and truly narrow beam in both azimuth & elevation making them the ideal solution for “corridor” coverage situations such as highway cellular coverage. Corridors can be covered with fewer BTS or repeaters along the route.
Use of fewer sites along the route means less CAPEX & OPEX, fast rollout and quick ROI! All this while improving rural highway cellular coverage.
A major challenge to cellular planning & optimization experts is providing seamless, high quality service for less CAPEX. VEGA antennas provide a strong highway cell phone signal and are the low cost easy to implement solution to this challenge. Lack of cellular coverage on highways is a major reason for customers migrating to other operators!
VEGA narrow beam directional cellular antennas deliver an extremely high gain focused signal. They reduce dropped calls along the road resulting from poor signal level.
This results in improved service and lower customer churn while requiring less towers.
In the case of a road passing near a well covered residential area, the VEGA with its very narrow beam and low sidelobes will introduce a high signal along the road with minimal interferences to the residential area.
road coverage

VEGA antennas in action
actual road coverage improvement report

road coverage


A VEGA CC-12 antenna was used to provide service to a long section of road in eastern Siberia, see drive test here


Actual drive test shows how service was improved on a section of difficult savanna road in Togo 15km from the BTS by switching to a VEGA CC-12


Forests limit effective coverage, especially when wet. See how an operator in Siberia got around this issue by using a VEGA CC-12 to cover both a
village 12.5 kms from the tower and a section of road 22 kms from the tower


See DT showing the improvement in service gained on a 10km section of poorly serviced road by replacing the standard panel antenna with a


See here how two VEGA CC-12 antennas mounted on a central base station provide excellent coverage to 24 kilometers of forested, wet rural highway in Siberia and at the same time serving two villages, 14 & 10 kilometers from the tower


Excellent QOS was provided to a major, high Erlang Freeway in Greece built along a difficult to serve, mountainous coastline. The operator mounted a VEGA CC-12 antenna aimed at the problematic section of road on a base station tower on an island 25 kilometers distant!


See actual drive test results showing how an operator in Ghana significantly improved service on a road 16 kms. from a BTS merely by switching from a common panel antenna to a VEGA CC-12