VEGA antennas for maximizing cellular
signal repeater performance
VEGA antennas serve as long range rural
cellular repeater antennas

Why use VEGA with repeaters as a service antenna?
VEGA antennas reduce outdoor cell phone repeater oscillation while improving & extending outdoor repeater coverage
VEGA antennas higher gain means lower repeater gain needed thus reducing the tendency to oscillate!
VEGA antennas higher gain means increased possible distance between the base station & the repeater while maintaining the same input signal level.
VEGA antennas low side lobes at ±90° mean higher isolation between closely mounted repeater’s antennas.
VEGA antennas narrow focused beam means lower interference & noise being picked up by the repeater thus de-sensitizing donor base station and mobile receivers!
VEGA antennas ± 45° dual polarization is the same as the base station’s that equals 3dB extra gain over a vertically polarized Yagi antenna!
As a Service Antenna
VEGA antennas concentrate the signal of your repeater into a powerful, narrowly focused beam that provides good quality and reliable service where your customers need it at distances up to 50% greater than common high gain panel antennas! VEGA antennas are the low CAPEX solution for wireless cellular signal boosting!

VEGA antennas in action

A VEGA CC-12 antenna was all that was needed in order resolve a weak signal
issue along a road going through difficult, wet tropical jungle in Indonesia.

See how use of a VEGA antenna on the donor side of an F1 / F2 repeater enabled low cost coverage to a village 28 kms distant from the nearest BTS .... see detailed report