VEGA antennas provide a strong inbuilding
signal from a near-by macro base station

Reduce user migration due to slow data transfer and call drop issues in
residential buildings

Residential buildings, especially" high rises" where installing indoor DAS is impractical, can be a major headache for cellular operators. Users suffering from slow data rates and call drops will sometimes simply "migrate" to a competing operator.
In many commercial or industrial buildings, in-building service is poor or unreliable.The cost of traditional methods of providing indoor service does not always justify the needed investment. In other situations the building owner cannot or will not cooperate with the idea of in-building DAS installation.
Aiming a VEGA very high gain narrow spot beam antenna at such buildings from a nearby base station solves the problem with little CAPEX.
Only VEGA antennas with their very narrow beam in both azimuth and elevation aimed precisely at the building in question can be used for this purpose.Any other type of antenna will cause significant interferences all around the area where the designated building is located. Models available for all cellular frequencies including 4G LTE & 5G.
Remote In-Building Coverage

VEGA antennas in action – cellular operators in many countries are making use of VEGA antennas unique abilities to resolve serious in building QOS issues.

A major operator in India solved conflicting coverage issues in a 10 storied residential building just by aiming VEGA antennas at the building. Customer migrating by residents halted with minimal CAPEX.
Remote In-Building Coverage
Remote In-Building Coverage
Remote In-Building Coverage

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Good indoor QOS was provided to a hospital in Sri Lanka 400 meters from a BTS without installing expensive DAS by a multi band VEGA antenna. See walk test & photos


See two convincing examples from New Zealand showing how indoor service was provided to important public buildings with VEGA antennas on nearby BTS while saving the expense of installing DAS


Users have been enjoying high quality voice & data service since 2006 in this large indoor shopping mall in Samara, Russia without the operators having to use expensive to install and maintain indoor DAS systems. A VEGA CC-12 antenna aimed at the mall from a nearby BTS does the work


After carefully examining several alternatives, RAN optimizers decided that replacing the legacy panel antennas with VEGA CC-12 antennas was the easy to implement, low CAPEX solution. Here you can see along with the before & after DT's, the other options that were considered.