VEGA antennas for 5G Fixed Wireless

What is the fastest and most cost-effective means to bring fast internet connection to Rural Communities, Resorts, Industrial areas and other non urban users demanded by them?
Buried cables are a thing of the past. The expense and regulatory headaches involved make
5G Fixed Wireless the obvious answer for providing the high speed internet connection demanded by consumers.
But as in any wireless coverage challenge, what looks easy on paper sometimes becomes a serious technical / financial challenge.
While standard antennas will do in most cases, there are still many distant target areas both rural and sub-urban where something different is needed.
VEGA antennas offer a wide selection of single and multi beam very high gain, very narrow beam x-pole MIMO antennas. These antennas are designed to bring a high quality 5G Fixed Wirelesssignal much more distant than standard antennas and, in many cases, to actually save the cost of erecting and maintaining more BTS, large or small.
Distant rural communities and installations, topographically difficult areas, heavily congested industrial / residential corridors, offshore targets, farming communities and resorts suddenly become easy and profitable to serve even from existing towers.

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