VEGA Antennas

The optimal tool for GSM-R RAN network
interference reduction

VEGA antennas are Perfect for GSM-R / LTE-R network interference reduction

VEGA antennas are very low interference directional high gain dual
polarization GSM-R antennas.
VEGA antennas are the perfect tool for GSM-R / LTE-R Radio coverage. VEGA antennas are spot beam high gain, very narrow beam dual polarization highly directional dish antennas.
VEGA antennas allow the GSM-R RAN planner to provide a much stronger, more reliable signal along the rail route, whilst reducing the number of base stations needed along the route. This can significantly lower both the CAPEX and OPEX needed for a GSM-R project Due to the VEGA antennas very narrow beam and low side lobes, the interference added to the GSM-R network is by far lower than with common panel antennas on both the up and down links.
VEGA antennas are the preferred problem solver tool for cellular operators since 2004


Fast moving trains along long streches of track in Russias Siberian Far East received effective, seamless coverage by using VEGA antennas. The use of VEGA antennas considerably lowered the number of BTS needed along the line thus lowering both the cost of roll out and maintainance


When planning coverage for a new rail line in Russia, RAN planners did a simulation with several optional antennas and discovered the use of a VEGA CC-12 antenna could both cover the planned rail line and the town it serves