Very high gain, very narrow spot beam BTS antennas
for targeted and long range cellular coverage

VEGA antennas are our revolutionary coverage enhancement product. They are unique, but yet compatible with
all cellular RAN frequencies including 4G LTE, 5G and 5G fixed wireless.

VEGA antennas do not compete with or replace common sector panel antennas. They provide the community of
RAN network planners and optimizers with a new, unique tool especially designed for difficult cellular radio
access networks scenarios, especially long range rural cellular coverage.

Introducing VEGA directional cellular BTS antennas in to a cellular network, assures the operator of a significant
reduction of needed base stations while providing the most efficient, up to date coverage with minimum CAPEX.

“VEGA antennas are long range high gain cellular base station antennas

How does VEGA do it?

VEGA antennas are directional cellular BTS antennas. They concentrate your
signal, (just like a spot light) into a powerful, narrow focused spot beam
providing high quality, reliable service where your customers actually need it
and at distances far greater than common high gain panel antennas can. This
means far less towers needed along highways, rail lines and other long
coverage corridors.
In case of a need for very high capacity need at far distances and wider beam,
VEGA multi-beam antennas handle the increased load with multi carrier without
using up scarce expensive tower space.

he following is an actual coverage simulation of a VEGA antenna and a
standard panel antenna. It shows not only the VEGA’s higher gain, but that the
VEGA’s radiation off bore sight is minimal thus improving interferences spatial


VEGA antennas were developed by COMARCOM as a solution to
situations no other cellular antenna on the market can effectively handle
either in performance or cost.

Think of a very high gain (22.5 – 29 dBi), narrow beam MIMO cellular
antenna specifically designed to extend existing base station range and
enable the cellular operator to improve QOS at cell edge with minimum

VEGA antennas are available for 4G/LTE and 5G over the 600, 700,
850, 900, 1800, 1900, 2100, 2300, 2500, 2600 and 3400-3800
MHz bands applications. VEGA also offers a CBRS 5G long range
antenna, our model CMW12WB.

What size target can I cover from a given distance with VEGA antennas?

A few reasons to count on VEGA antennas

Why install and maintain "small cells" when a VEGA on an existing site can cover the area from a remote tower?

VEGA antennas are useful to fill coverage gaps when re-planning or optimizing existing RAN.

VEGA antennas are your cost-effective tool for handling challenging cellular coverage situations especially in rural communities, along valleys, highways and railways.

Vega antennas are the easy to implement, low cost,
maintenance free solution to many coverage issues:
Fill in black spots, dropped call issues, rural coverage.


Modular, compactly packaged VEGA antennas are easy to transport and assemble. Mesh reflector insures low wind load and low visible impact.

Combining these features enable VEGA antennas as a practical coverage alternative for remote rural communities, difficult to serve mountainous areas, long highways and railroads, and areas requiring very low spatial interference antennas and many other challanging situations. VEGA antennas are ideal for MIMO, MIMO fixed wireless, 4G / 5G NSA.

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