An easy solution to dropped calls issues on bridges

An easy solution to dropped calls issues on bridges

Poor cellular service plagued Istanbul’s iconic Haliç Bridge until the introduction of the VEGA CP12WB antenna. Discover the transformation and improved connectivity.

The Haliç “Golden Horn” Bridge, spanning the Golden Horn Estuary, is a crucial link connecting Galata and Seraglio. Despite its significance, users faced service challenges attributed to poor EC/N0, aggravated by interferences from surrounding cellular towers.

The VEGA CP12WB Solution: A Game-Changer for Istanbul’s Haliç Bridge

Replacing the outdated K742351 antenna with a single VEGA CP12WB on the northern bank proved to be the solution. The Major Turkish Operator conducted measurements, revealing a substantial improvement in Ec/No at the 2100 MHz band.


Technical Insight: VEGA CP12WB vs. K742351 – A Performance Comparison

The VEGA CP12WB, featuring a 5-degree beam width, strategically mitigated interference while ensuring dominant signal coverage along the bridge. This comparison showcases the antenna’s efficacy in elevating Ec/No and delivering superior Quality of Service (QOS) for uninterrupted connectivity.

Transformative Impact: How VEGA CP12WB Resolved Service Challenges

Explore the detailed analysis and success story of the VEGA CP12WB antenna, unraveling its instrumental role in overcoming service issues over Istanbul’s Haliç Bridge. Witness firsthand how this innovation sets a new standard in improving connectivity.


Discover More: Exploring VEGA’s Connectivity Solutions

For a comprehensive understanding of VEGA’s cutting-edge connectivity solutions and successful implementations, visit Uncover the future of cellular connectivity with VEGA antennas.

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