COMARCOM Israel announces the release of a new very high gain, narrow beam Cellular BTS antenna for 5G bands covering 3300 MHz – 3950 MHz

COMARCOM Israel announces the release of a new very high gain, narrow beam Cellular BTS antenna for 5G bands covering 3300 MHz – 3950 MHz

Revolutionizing 5G Connectivity with VEGA CMW12 – WB3: Unveiling the High-Gain Advantage
In the ever-evolving landscape of 5G connectivity, the VEGA CMW12 – WB3 emerges as a revolutionary cellular BTS antenna, boasting one of the market’s highest gain ratings. Discover how this antenna, optimized for the 3300 MHz – 3950 MHz frequency range, addresses challenges and elevates 5G performance.

Addressing 5G Speed and Signal Challenges: Is your subscriber base experiencing sluggish 5G speeds or weakened signal strength in the critical 3300 MHz – 3950 MHz frequency range? It’s time to explore the VEGA CMW12 – WB3, a high-gain, narrow-beam solution designed to overcome these challenges.

VEGA CMW12 – WB3 Key Features: Explore the features that set the VEGA CMW12 – WB3 apart:

  1. High-Gain Precision: With a ±45° dual slant polarization design, this antenna combines high gain with dual polarization, delivering a truly narrow beam. Ideal for long corridors, highways, railways, and remote sub-clusters.
  2. Spatial Interference Mitigation: The narrow beam effectively mitigates spatial interferences, addressing signal attenuation (RSRP) and interference challenges (RSRQ & SINR) common in urban areas and at cell edges.

Benefits of High-Gain Cellular BTS Antennas in 5G:

Unlock the advantages of high-gain antennas in 5G frequencies:

  1. Accelerated Speeds: Strengthened signals translate to faster download and upload speeds for subscribers.
  2. Extended Coverage: The high-gain antenna expands the reach of 5G networks, enhancing overall coverage.
  3. Latency Reduction: Experience reduced latency, improving the responsiveness of real-time communication applications and services.


Cellular BTS antenna

VEGA CMW12 – WB3 Specifications: Dive into the specifications that define the VEGA CMW12 – WB3:

  • Covers 5G bands 3300-3950 MHz
  • Dual polarization for 2X2 MIMO
  • Very high gain of up to +26dBi for distant target coverage
  • Interference-reducing Pencil Beam
  • Ideal for cellular remote FWA applications
  • Rugged all-aluminum structure for durability
  • Easy field installation for convenience
  • Compatibility with all Cellular Standards
  • Compact transportation packaging
  • Manual ±15° tilt and azimuth control
  • Optional AISG controlled ±15° tilt & azimuth control (available shortly)

Optimizing 5G Connection: For optimal 5G connectivity in challenging areas, the VEGA CMW12 – WB3 stands out as the solution. Elevate the connectivity experience for subscribers at cell edges or in spotty coverage areas.

Visit or Linkedin for detailed information, technical specifications, and data sheets. Embrace the VEGA CMW12 – WB3 to stay at the forefront of 5G connectivity solutions and revolutionize your network performance.

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