Rural coverage improvement with minimal CAPEX

Rural coverage improvement with minimal CAPEX

Rural communities deserve up to date cellular services, but how is that done cost effectively?

Rural coverage improvement with minimal CAPEX is a basic and recurring issue for MNOs. The need is not only to provide service to rural targets but also to ensure service that keeps up with ever-changing standards. Newer LTE standards can provide higher data rates but at the expense of shorter range, thus making it even harder to serve rural areas.

Providing up-to-date cellular services to rural communities is a pressing challenge for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). The dilemma extends beyond mere connectivity; it involves navigating the balance between service provision and evolving technological standards. Newer LTE standards promise higher data rates but often come at the cost of reduced coverage, particularly in rural areas.

The Challenge of Rural Coverage and Minimal CAPEX

Rural coverage improvement with minimal CAPEX is a fundamental and recurring concern for MNOs. The imperative is not only to extend services to rural targets but also to ensure that the service aligns with the dynamic landscape of technological advancements. The paradox arises as newer LTE standards, while offering improved data rates, compromise coverage range, intensifying the challenge of serving rural regions effectively.

VEGA Antennas: A Game-Changing Solution

In this landscape, VEGA antennas by Comarcom emerge as a transformative solution. These antennas offer a unique combination of high gain and a narrow spot beam, addressing the challenges faced by rural communities. The efficacy of VEGA antennas is exemplified in real-world scenarios, such as a village nestled in the South American Andes.

Consider a village situated atop the Andes, where users struggled to make or receive phone calls, even in outdoor spaces. The distance from the nearest cellular tower stood at 12km, compounded by a ridge exacerbating the Fresnel zone issue. This is where the VEGA very high gain narrow spot beam antennas entered the scene.

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A Strategic Shift: From Legacy Panels to VEGA Antennas

Rather than resorting to conventional off-the-shelf solutions like repeaters or additional cell towers, which demand immediate CAPEX and ongoing OPEX, the operator opted for a strategic shift. The standard panel antenna serving the village was replaced with a VEGA CC12 antenna featuring very high gain and a very narrow beam.

The impact of this shift is vividly demonstrated in the accompanying Drive Test (DT) report. The substitution of the common panel antenna with the VEGA antenna resulted in a remarkable enhancement of service quality, all achieved with a negligible investment.

VEGA Antennas: Enhancing Rural Connectivity

The success story of VEGA antennas extends beyond this specific case, demonstrating their ability to enhance rural connectivity with minimal investment. For MNOs grappling with the challenge of rural coverage improvement while minimizing CAPEX, VEGA antennas present a compelling solution.

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For more in-depth information on VEGA coverage enhancement solutions and how they can elevate rural connectivity, contact Comarcom.

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