Splitting a Legacy Sector Using Six Very High Gain 11° Beam VEGA MX Achieves Both a Six-Fold Capacity Increase and Extends BTS Range at Minimum Cost.

Recently, an Operator in a University Town in Russia discovered that in order to meet high demand for data service in a particular sector serving a concentration of high data users, he would have to increase both coverage range and capacity six times over.

This particular sector had to provide wideband connection to a University Campus as well as other installations, all requiring both high capacity and high data rate. His customer service department was dealing daily with complaints from users in the affected sector.

The operator did not have the option of building another tower closer to the area in question, one that would provide both the capacity and extra area coverage needed. Also, there was no available extra frequency band that would be needed to lower the load off the existing sector. All this considered, the Operator chose to adopt a more unconventional solution.

The solution arrived on by the operators RAN P&O experts was to replace the legacy sector panel antenna with six very high gain, very narrow beam VEGA MX antennas all covering the sector in question. No further additions or changes were needed.

In the accompanying picture, the warmer colors indicate the actual loading of each of the new narrow sectors.

Thanks to the project manager Mr. A. Glaz, who has kindly shared this unique solution report with us.