How to Provide Service to Small, Remote Communities at the Lowest Cost

VEGA High Gain Narrow Beam Antennas are the Ideal Tool

In many countries worldwide, the operators are required by the regulator to provide broadband cellular coverage to many small communities which may not even have access to wired internet.

In such a case, the operator faces a difficult choice. If a new mini-Base Station or even small-cell is installed in each such community with its tower and MW backhaul, the operator will probably never recoup this significant expenditure.

The following example is just one such story.

The residents of this village located high and deep in the South American Andes could barely receive or make a phone call, even when outside their homes, although only 12km from the nearest cellular tower.

This is where the VEGA very high gain narrow spot beam antennas can make the difference.

The results with the VEGA antenna replacing the common panel antenna showed a dramatic improvement although the investment has been negligible.