Improving Indoor Service Easily and at Reasonable Cost

Cellular Coverage Improvement can be Easy and Inexpensive

Poor indoor service plagued a lakeside resort in Argentina. Outdoors the service was acceptable, but users had difficulties with calls and data when indoors.

Obviously, this is not the service expected by patrons of a high-end resort who are used to top grade cellular service at home and wish to remain in communication with the outside world when on holyday.

Several ideas where discussed by the operator to relieve the situation, including adding a BTS and other costly solutions.

Prior to these drastic and costly solutions, it was decided to try the simple, low cost solution of switching the legacy panel antenna with a VEGA very high gain, very narrow beam dual polarization antenna.

Immediately following the switchover, user complaints about poor indoor service ceased. Also, the localized higher signal level and EBN0 allowed a faster data transfer rate and higher network capacity.

The results of the change to a VEGA antenna, as seen below, dramatically improved the situation and demonstrated the fact that in many cellular coverage challenges, the low cost, easy to implement solution lies simply in choosing the right antenna for the job.