The so called "cell edge" is the Achilles Heel in your RAN

The cell Edge is a Living Thing, Expanding and Contracting According to Many Factors Such as

The so called "cell edge" is the Achilles Heel in your RAN. The cell edge is a living thing, expanding and contracting according to many factors such as weather, number of active handsets in the area and what they are doing in your network.

It is difficult, if not impossible to plan exactly where the cell edge is at a given moment. In many situations use of a VEGA very high gain narrow beam antenna either as the sector antenna or as a remedy to various troubles arising within a given sector is the easy low CAPEX, low OPEX solution.

1. Extending the cell edge with VEGA Antennas means serving subs which suffer from intermittent service without adding towers

2. The distance of the cell edge from the BTS can make the difference between a satisfied customer and a disappointed one.

3. VEGA antennas can extend your cell edge to where you really need the coverage

4. Extending a cell edge with VEGA Antennas is cheaper and easier than adding a new cell

5. High demand area (hot spot) within a cell coverage area? High gain spot beam VEGA antennas with a dedicated RRU are your easy low-cost solution

6. Extend the cell edge of corridor shaped cells with very high gain, narrow beam VEGA antennas

7. Need greater capacity and higher data rate at the cell's edge? Don’t add more cells, just add VEGA very high gain spot beam antennas aimed at the "hot spots" at the cell edge.

8. Do your subs suffer from poor indoor service at the edges of your cell? Split your sector into several narrow powerful beams with VEGA high gain narrow beam antennas.

9. Omni cell coverage look good on a map but does not work well in low user density rural areas. Get you cell edges to where you really need them with VEGA high gain narrow beam antennas.

10. Cell edges of sectors covering long rail lines and highways can be much farther from the tower with VEGA Very high gain very narrow beam x-pole antennas.