When Cellular Service on Highways Needs to be
Improved, VEGA Antennas Save the Day Once Again

VEGA Antennas Resolve Low Signal Issue on Major Highway Crossing Ural Mountains

Following extensive complaints by users on issues of dropped or uncompleted calls on a 19Km section of a major highway running through Russia's Ural Mountains, this major operator switched the legacy 60° 18dBi panel antenna with a 33° 20.5 dBi "narrow beam" panel antenna with disappointing results. There was no significant improvement in service to subscribers in closed, fast moving vehicles along the highway.

Their next step was to replace the new panel with a very narrow 11° beam, very high 22.5 dBi gain VEGA CC12HP parabolic X-pole antenna. These two dBi difference in gain makes great difference, as seen in the accompanying slides, to provide seamless service along the highway.

This is one example among many of how use of very high gain, very narrow beam dual pole antennas solve difficult RAN coverage issues quickly, easily and at low cost to the operator.

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