Triple-beam wideband very high gain VEGA antenna

Triple-beam wideband very high gain VEGA antenna

A single antenna with three uncorrelated high gain beams

The new VEGA model CP32WB is a triple beam cellular RAN antenna offering a very high gain, triple narrow-beam solution covering the whole 1710-2690 MHz band.

Each beam is 5.2° to 4.5° wide in both Azimuth and Elevation at -3dB.

Two beams are shifted +/- 7.5° from the center beam directed at boresight with total width coverage of 22°

With a gain of +27.5 dBi at 1710 MHz going up to +29 dBi at 2690 MHz, this new 2m diameter dish antenna is, by combining three antennas in one, a tower-space friendly addition to the VEGA line of truly different RAN BTS antennas.

The CP32WB’s triple-beam pattern and very high gain greatly increase spectral efficiency and both capacity & coverage while insuring better QOS and less customer churn in those extremely difficult coverage situations.

Each of the three beams is ±45° dual slant polarized. This enables three times 2×2 MIMO operation with six uncorrelated ports.

In those specific cases where VEGA’s triple beam CPW32WB antenna covers a high multipath area like dense, reflection-rich urban environment, one may consider 6×6 MIMO operation thus increasing both capacity and data speed while improving quality of service.

The VEGA CP32WB is the best available tool enabling RAN engineers to cover a sector of 22 deg with up to +29dBi gain and 3 independent carriers. It can easily, for example, bring excellent QOS to a neighborhood where residents do not want to see any towers in or close by their homes. The VEGA CP32WB can be installed on a tower which is 5, 10 or even 15 km distant and yet still provide the high-level signal coverage and high capacity in all three carrier beams.

Any comments about the new product and the concept behind it? Any application ideas?

See more details at VEGA CP32WB Data Sheet

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