Very High Gain antenna answers 5G @ 3.5 GHz challenges

Very High Gain antenna answers 5G @ 3.5 GHz challenges

One antenna covers 3/4/5G over 2.1-2.3-2.5-2.6 and 3.5-3.8 GHz 

There are few cellular RAN components available & ready “off the shelf” for the new 3.5 GHz deployment.

Even less common are antennas specially designed and tested specifically for this task.

At Comarcom we have developed a new member to the VEGA family of very high gain, very narrow spot beam antennas for 5G both for Macrocell and outdoor small cell use.

Our new CMW12WB antenna is a wideband version of the tested and field proven VEGA MX series family. This new model covers the full 2.1-2.3-2.5-2.6 and 3.5-3.8 GHz range. You can multiplex several carriers of 3G/4G LTE and 5G into its dual-pol wide-band antenna ports due to its low PIM.

Enhancing capacity by carrier aggregation and 2×2 MIMO techniques can be implemented easily with this new VEGA antenna.

With its very high gain of up to +26dBi and unique 5G multi-carrier performance, the CMW12WB can enhance 5G data along highways (think of controlled autonomous vehicles), railroads (high speed data for passengers), remote targets such as resorts, service areas and various isolated installations. The CMW12WB is also great for covering hot-spots, stadiums and VIP building indoor penetration and does all that with minimal interferences.

Adding very high gain antennas to your RAN P&O toolbox is the lowest cost, easy to implement solution where cell densification is needed in order to enable increased RAN capacity while re-arranging the 5G coverage of each existing and planned tower.

In these demanding days, when network capacity is being driven to its extreme limitations, mainly in areas of high user concentration, adding cells is a difficult or impossible option. Extending range and data throughput along narrow sectors as well as shaping coverage simply by using a very high gain wideband antenna that supports 3G/4G/5G carriers over all bands in 2.1-3.8 GHz is a solution every 5G RAN planning expert must seriously consider.

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