A Cost-Effective cellular coverage solution for remote Tourist Resorts

A Cost-Effective cellular coverage solution for remote Tourist Resorts

Providing efficient cellular service to remote tourist resorts can be a challenging task. However, with VEGA high gain narrow beam antennas, the solution becomes fast, cost-effective, and minimizes both time and CAPEX.

Enhancing Cellular Connectivity in Remote Tourist Resorts with VEGA High Gain Antennas

Remote locations often pose a significant challenge for cellular service providers. The need for quick and economical solutions led a major operator in Mexico to deploy VEGA high gain antennas when faced with providing cellular broadband service to a new tourist resort. Situated 6km away from the nearest tower, the resort struggled with inadequate signal coverage.

The VEGA Solution: Rather than opting for complex and resource-intensive solutions like adding a new BTS or repeaters, the operator chose a smart approach. They added a sector to the existing tower, integrating a VEGA CC12HP antenna with 28.5 dBi gain and a narrow beam width of +/- 5°, precisely aimed at the resort. This strategic move significantly improved signal reach and quality.

Case Studies: Numerous similar instances showcase the effectiveness of VEGA antennas in challenging terrains. In various scenarios, these antennas have demonstrated the capability to provide excellent coverage quickly and economically to target areas located 10, 15, and even 25 kilometers away from the nearest available tower.

Drive Test Results: Explore the tangible improvements brought about by incorporating VEGA antennas in the network. A detailed report summary presents drive test results, illustrating the before-and-after scenario of adding VEGA antennas to enhance connectivity in remote tourist resorts.

Conclusion: VEGA high gain narrow beam antennas emerge as a powerful tool for overcoming coverage challenges in remote locations. The success stories from deployments in Mexico and similar cases emphasize the efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and rapid deployment capabilities of VEGA antennas in catering to the unique needs of remote tourist resorts.

Learn more about the transformative impact of VEGA antennas and explore detailed case studies at www.comarcom.com or Linkedin. Elevate your cellular connectivity in remote areas effortlessly.

remote Tourist Resort

remote Tourist Resort

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