VEGA High Gain Narrow Beam RAN Antenna - Comarcom Israel unveils another improved model for 2023

VEGA High Gain Narrow Beam RAN Antenna – Comarcom Israel unveils another improved model for 2023

In the realm of cutting-edge network connectivity, the VEGA CW12-WB-3 emerges as a transformative solution for 2023, standing out as the ultimate narrow beam RAN antenna. Revolutionizing cellular communication, this antenna combines advanced features and improvements, ensuring unparalleled performance and efficiency.

Unveiling the VEGA CW12-WB-3 – A Pioneer in Narrow Beam RAN Antenna Technology

  1. Lighter Construction, Enhanced Efficiency: Experience a paradigm shift with the CW12-WB-3, boasting a 40% lighter all-aluminum construction. This innovation guarantees improved efficiency without compromising durability, setting a new standard for narrow beam RAN antennas.
  2. Remote Control Precision (Optional): Optimize your control strategy with the optional +/- 15° AISG remotely controlled tilt and azimuth settings. This precision allows you to focus the antenna beam directly on the target area, minimizing interference, and adapting effortlessly to seasonal adjustments.
  3. Reduced Shipping Costs: The CW12-WB-3 not only offers exceptional performance but also reduces shipping costs with its lightweight construction. This ensures cost-effective solutions without compromising the antenna’s capabilities.
  4. Highest Gain in Low Cellular Frequencies: Stand out in the connectivity landscape with the CW12-WB-3, featuring the highest gain in low cellular frequencies among all widely available RAN antennas. Elevate your network’s signal strength and coverage in the 617-960 MHz bands for a superior user experience.


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Unmatched Features: The New and Improved VEGA CW12-WB-3 Model

  1. Lightweight and Corrosion-Resistant: The CW12-WB-3 introduces a stamped aluminum reflector and a robust cast aluminum mounting assembly, enhancing durability. Its powder-coated aluminum structure ensures exceptional corrosion resistance, especially in environmentally challenging areas.
  2. Precision Control for Optimal Performance: Opt for unprecedented precision with optional AISG remotely controlled tilt and azimuth settings. Operators can achieve unparalleled control, minimizing interferences, and adapting swiftly to seasonal requirements, ensuring optimal performance year-round.
  3. Extended Coverage for Diverse Terrains: Address the unique challenges of difficult remote rural target areas with the CW12-WB-3. Experience enhanced coverage for remote rural communities, long residential corridors, highways, and rail lines.
  4. Reduced Tower Requirements: A Sustainable Solution: VEGA’s high gain, narrow beam RAN antennas require fewer towers, reducing infrastructure costs and minimizing weight and wind stress on rural towers and masts. Embrace sustainability without compromising on connectivity.

Anticipate More: New VEGA Models Coming Soon!

Stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of cellular connectivity with upcoming VEGA models. Watch out for innovations that promise to redefine network capabilities.

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