Comarcom's VEGA high gain antennas are a viable solution for rural community cellular and broadband coverage.

Comarcom’s VEGA high gain antennas are a viable solution for rural community cellular and broadband coverage.

Comarcom’s VEGA high gain antennas offer a groundbreaking solution to the persistent challenge of providing effective cellular and broadband coverage in rural communities. As service providers grapple with the complexities of serving low-density rural sub-clusters, long highways, and rail lines, the ITU-D study group’s recommendations shed light on the efficacy of high-gain, narrow-beam antennas. Let’s delve into how VEGA antennas, with their patented technology, have been transforming connectivity in over 65 countries since 2005.

Unlocking the Potential of VEGA High Gain, Narrow-Beam Antennas

The ITU-D study group’s report for 2018 – 2021 emphasized the strategic use of high-gain, narrow-beam antennas on strategically placed towers to provide reliable and cost-effective cellular coverage to remote user clusters. This approach not only extends the effective coverage range but also reduces the number of towers required, particularly in areas lacking power sources and backhaul links. VEGA antennas, with their patented very high gain and spot beam dual pole design, align perfectly with this recommendation, offering a viable solution to coverage challenges.

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Focused Long-Range RAN Coverage

The diagram illustrates how VEGA antennas concentrate both uplink and downlink energy, creating a focused long-range coverage area. This targeted approach is crucial for serving low-density rural sub-clusters effectively. Comarcom’s patented VEGA very high gain, spot beam dual pole antennas have been at the forefront of implementing this technology since 2005. Available for all cellular frequency bands from 600MHz to 3.95 GHz, VEGA antennas boast dual and triple beam versions in higher frequency bands.

Proven Success in Challenging Environments

One of the standout features of VEGA antennas is their ability to thrive in the most severe climatic and topographical environments. With a track record spanning over 65 countries, these antennas have consistently delivered reliable and robust connectivity solutions, overcoming technical and financial challenges associated with rural coverage.

Explore the Solution to Ongoing Coverage Issues

For service providers seeking solutions to ongoing coverage issues, both technical and financial, implementing very high gain narrow beam dual pole antennas like VEGA could be the key. By concentrating energy and extending coverage ranges, VEGA antennas offer a cost-effective approach to bridging the connectivity gap in remote areas.

Learn More about VEGA High Gain Antennas

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