Double-beam wide band high gain VEGA antenna enables 4xN MIMO

Double-beam wide band high gain VEGA antenna enables 4xN MIMO

 A single antenna with two uncorrelated high gain beams

The new VEGA model CMP22WB is a dual beam cellular RAN antenna offering a very high gain, twin narrow-beam solution covering the whole 1710-2690 MHz band.

Each beam is 10° to 5° wide at -3dB and both beams are shifted +/- 7.5° from boresight.

With a gain of +22dBi at 1710 MHz to 25dBi at 2690 MHz this new 1m diameter dish antenna is a tower-space friendly addition to the VEGA line of truly different RAN BTS antennas. Its dual-beam pattern and very high gain greatly increase spectral efficiency and both capacity & coverage. More capacity plus more coverage equal better service quality.

VEGA’s dual beam CMPW22WB antenna, each beam with ±45° dual slant polarization gives you an antenna with four uncorrelated ports. It enables 4xN MIMO operation where needed especially in dense, reflection rich urban environments and long sub-urban corridors, both increasing capacity and data speed while reducing customer churn.

high gain

VEGA CMPW22WB’s one meter diameter / 13 kg weight means no size or weight issues on the tower while increasing capacity and improving signal quality.

See more details at VEGA Mx CMP22WB Data Sheet

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