Rural communities deserve up to date cellular services, but how is that done cost effectively?

Rural communities deserve up to date cellular services, but how is that done cost effectively?

In the dynamic landscape of cellular standards, rural areas face challenges in maintaining up-to-date services. The emergence of newer LTE standards brings higher data rates but sacrifices range, posing a dilemma for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) striving to serve rural communities effectively.

Unlocking Rural Connectivity with VEGA Antennas

For MNOs, the struggle lies not only in providing rural coverage but also in adapting to evolving standards. Newer LTE standards promise higher data rates but come at the cost of reduced range, making it increasingly challenging to serve rural areas effectively.

VEGA Antennas: A Game-Changer for Rural Connectivity

Comarcom’s VEGA antennas emerge as a crucial solution in this scenario. These antennas specialize in providing very high gain narrow spot beams, making them ideal for extending coverage to challenging rural terrains.


Consider a case in the South American Andes, where a village situated 12km away from the nearest cellular tower faced severe connectivity issues. The presence of a ridge between the tower and the village exacerbated the problem due to Fresnel zone interference. Rather than resorting to conventional solutions involving repeaters or building a new cell tower in the village, which would demand significant immediate capital expenditure (CAPEX) and ongoing operational costs (OPEX), the operator opted for a more efficient approach.

VEGA CC12: Transforming Connectivity in the Andes

The transformation began with the replacement of the standard panel antenna serving the village with the VEGA CC12 antenna – a very high gain, very narrow beam X-pole antenna. The impact on service quality was profound, as evidenced by the remarkable improvement shown in the accompanying Drive Test (DT) report. The beauty of this solution lies not only in its effectiveness but also in its cost-efficiency, with minimal investment resulting in a dramatic enhancement of service.

Why VEGA Antennas?

  1. High Gain, Narrow Beam Design: VEGA antennas are specifically engineered to provide exceptionally high gain with a narrow spot beam. This design is tailored to overcome the challenges posed by rural landscapes, enabling extended coverage even in the most demanding terrains.
  2. Cost-Effective Solutions: In contrast to traditional approaches that demand heavy CAPEX and ongoing OPEX, VEGA antennas offer a cost-effective alternative. MNOs can enhance rural connectivity without the burden of substantial financial investments.

Connect with Comarcom for Enhanced Coverage Solutions

For MNOs seeking to revolutionize rural connectivity without breaking the bank, VEGA antennas from Comarcom stand out as a game-changer. To explore more details about VEGA coverage enhancement solutions and their transformative impact on rural connectivity, contact Comarcom.


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VEGA antennas by Comarcom prove to be a strategic and cost-effective choice for MNOs navigating the challenges of evolving LTE standards.


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