Urban Applications

NEW VEGA Multi-Beam antennas - Making the most of available Tower Space

VEGA multi-beam antennas retain VEGA antennas extremely high gain advantages combined with multi-beam MIMO features that increase both the capacity and the coverage of each tower.

Fixing "Dropped Calls" Issues on Long, High Bridges

Switching to VEGA High Gain Narrow Beam Antenna is the Solution

How to Meet Demand for Increased Capacity and Extend BTS Range at Minimum Cost

Splitting a Legacy Sector Using Six Very High Gain 11° Beam VEGA MX Achieves Both a Six-Fold Capacity Increase and Extends BTS Range at Minimum Cost.

Indoor QOS Improved to Busy Expo Center in New Zealand with Minimum Cost and Hassle

Unconventional VEGA Antenna Solves Conventional Coverage Problem

Indoor DAS Alternative

What Would You do If For Any Technical, Financial or Regulatory Reason DAS Cannot Be Installed in Each Building?