VEGA multi-beam RAN antennas - making the most of available tower space

VEGA multi-beam RAN antennas – making the most of available tower space

VEGA multi-beam RAN antennas, an evolution of VEGA high gain antennas, ingeniously integrate the extraordinary high gain with multi-beam capabilities, offering an unprecedented enhancement in tower capacity and coverage. These cutting-edge antennas empower Cellular RAN Planning and Optimization (P&O) experts to elevate capacity, extend coverage range, and multiply the number of sectors per antenna, ultimately enhancing the user experience.

Unlocking Unmatched Performance: The VEGA Advantage

With an impressive gain of up to +29dBi, VEGA very high gain narrow beam antennas stand out from common panel antennas. Now, introducing the latest innovation – VEGA multi-beam antennas, a fusion of very high gain and multi-beam performance, ushering in a new era of connectivity.

VEGA multi-beam RAN antenna

Meeting the Demand for Enhanced Connectivity

As the cellular industry experiences a surge in demand for more data at faster speeds, the significance of reliable connectivity extends to challenging coverage areas. Remote communities, expansive highways, railways, and rugged terrains find a steadfast solution in VEGA antennas, proven effective in optimizing connectivity since their inception.

Spatial Filtering for Improved QOS

One distinctive advantage of VEGA antennas lies in their exceptionally narrow beam and sharp beam edge fall-off. This unique feature acts as a spatial filter, effectively reducing interfering signals and desensitizing up-link receivers. The result is an improvement in the Quality of Service (QOS) over longer ranges, addressing the challenges posed by difficult terrains.

VEGA Multi-Beam RAN Antennas Dual-Polarized : Efficient Sector Expansion

One of the remarkable features of VEGA multi-beam antennas is their ability to double or triple the number of sectors at the operator’s disposal without increasing the number of antennas in use. This breakthrough neutralizes the perpetual challenge of tower space limitations, offering a strategic and efficient use of resources.

VEGA multi-beam RAN antenna

Tower Space Optimization: Triple Beam VEGA Antenna vs. Three Individual VEGA Antennas

The profound impact of saving tower space is vividly illustrated through a comparison of a triple-beam VEGA antenna installation with three individual VEGA antennas on a tower. The visual representation emphasizes the efficiency gained by adopting VEGA multi-beam antennas.

Discover the Future of Connectivity

For comprehensive information on VEGA multi-beam RAN antennas, their technical specifications, and successful installations, explore our website at or Linkedin. Witness firsthand how VEGA continues to redefine connectivity solutions, setting new standards for tower performance and user satisfaction.

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